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What Events are in Daytona Beach July 2023

Looking for Something Fun in July? Check Out These Exciting Events in Daytona Beach!

Looking for Something Fun in July? Check Out These Exciting Events in Daytona Beach!

Looking for something to do in July here in the greater Daytona Beach area? Don’t worry! I’ve got the scoop on some cool events going on this month and the lowdown on where you can catch mind-blowing fireworks shows this 4th of July. Let’s dive right in.

July is a month packed with excitement and festivities in Daytona Beach. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting the area, there are plenty of fun-filled events to keep you entertained. From art walks to live music concerts, fishing adventures, and captivating theatrical performances, Daytona Beach has something for everyone. Let’s explore the highlights of what this vibrant coastal city has in store for you this July.

Saturday Ormond Art Walk: Celebrating Local Art in Historic Downtown Ormond Beach

If you’re an art enthusiast or simply appreciate creativity, the Saturday Ormond Art Walk is a must-visit event. Taking place in the heart of Historic Downtown Ormond Beach, this art extravaganza showcases the works of talented local and international artists. On July 1st from 3-7 pm, art lovers can explore various galleries and art spaces, including Art Spotlight, Frame of Mind, Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens, Ocean Art Gallery, and The Studio.

While strolling through the Art Walk, visitors can immerse themselves in the diverse range of artistic expressions, from paintings and sculptures to photography and mixed media. The event also offers live music performances to create a lively and vibrant ambiance. To ensure you stay energized during the exploration, light bites and refreshing drinks are available. It’s a fantastic opportunity to support local artists, discover new talents, and appreciate the thriving art scene in Ormond Beach.

Ormond Art and Gardens
Ormond Art And Garden sign

Celebrate Independence Day with Spectacular Fireworks Shows

The 4th of July is a day of patriotic celebration, and Daytona Beach knows how to make it truly memorable. The city and surrounding areas host several fireworks shows that light up the night sky and create a dazzling display of colors. Here are four fantastic locations to catch breathtaking fireworks shows in the area:

Ormond Beach: Rockefeller Garden at 25 Riverside Drive is the place to be for Ormond Beach residents. The festivities start with music and food, culminating in a mesmerizing fireworks display at 9:00 pm. It’s an ideal spot to gather with friends and family, spread out a blanket, and enjoy a magical evening under the fireworks’ glow.

Port Orange: Head over to the City Center at 1000 City Center Circle for Port Orange’s annual Independence Day celebration. This large-scale event offers a fantastic lineup of activities, including live music performances, delicious food vendors, a kids zone with engaging games and attractions, and even a pie bake-off where you can showcase your baking skills. The fireworks commence at 9:00 pm, providing a spectacular finale to the festivities.

New Smyrna Beach: Riverside Park at 299 Riverside Drive hosts an exciting 4th of July party for New Smyrna Beach residents and visitors. Starting at 4:00 pm, attendees can enjoy live music, indulge in tasty treats from food vendors, and soak up the lively atmosphere. As the sun sets, get ready for the dazzling fireworks display at 9:15 pm, illuminating the night sky and filling the air with awe and wonder.

Daytona Beach: Daytona Beach offers a double dose of 4th of July festivities. The day kicks off with the 4th of July Veterans Parade on Main Street at 10:00 am. Show your support for veterans while enjoying the patriotic spirit and lively procession. In the evening, head to the Bandshell, located just steps away from the iconic Daytona Beach Boardwalk, for an electrifying performance by the Eagles Tribute band, Alter Eagles. The concert starts at 7:15 pm and is followed by a breathtaking fireworks display at 9:45 pm, set against the backdrop of the majestic ocean.  You can also check out the Boardwalk, play some arcade games, grab a cold beer and a slice of pizza or snag a bag of Zeno’s famous saltwater taffy.  

These fireworks shows are not only an incredible visual spectacle but also a shared experience that brings the community together in celebration. So, gather your loved ones, bring a blanket or some beach chairs, and prepare to be amazed by the dazzling pyrotechnic displays that light up the night sky.

If you don’t feel like attending a big event, you can set up right on the beach here in Daytona and see fireworks from all directions!  It’s a really unique and fun experience for those who want to stay away from the crowds this 4th of July.

Fire works Daytona Beach 2023

Red Snapper Season: A Fishing Adventure on the Atlantic Coast

You’ve heard of deer season, right? Well, here on the Atlantic Coast, we have our own version of hunting season, except it’s not for deer—it’s for fishermen. It’s Red Snapper Season, and it’s an exciting time for fishing enthusiasts. This year, the season falls on July 14th and 15th, offering avid anglers an opportunity to reel in these prized fish.

To make the most of Red Snapper Season, you can hire a charter captain to take you out on a fishing expedition or venture out on your own boat if you have the necessary equipment and expertise. Participating in a fishing tournament can also add an extra element of thrill and competition, with the chance to win some impressive cash prizes.

However, there are a few regulations to keep in mind. To legally fish for Red Snapper, you must have a valid Florida saltwater fishing license that you can purchase through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Additionally, there are restrictions on the number of fish you can keep, allowing only one Red Snapper per person. The fish must also meet the minimum size requirement of at least 20 inches in total length.

Preparing for a successful fishing trip requires some planning and preparation. Here are a few tips to enhance your Red Snapper fishing experience:

Arrive early: Boat ramps can get crowded during Red Snapper Season, so it’s essential to arrive early to secure a good spot and avoid unnecessary delays.
Check the marine forecast: Before heading out, make sure to check the marine forecast to ensure that the water conditions will be safe and favorable for fishing. Safety should always be a top priority, and it’s crucial to avoid venturing out in rough or dangerous waters.
Safety first: Remember to wear your life jacket at all times while on the water. Accidents can happen, and a life jacket can potentially save your life or the lives of your fellow anglers.
Come prepared: Pack plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, and other essentials for a comfortable and enjoyable fishing trip. Patience is also key, both at the boat ramp and on the water.
Seek local advice: If you’re looking to catch the big boy Red Snappers, reaching out to local fishing enthusiasts or expert guides can provide valuable tips and insights. They might even be willing to share their secret fishing spots, giving you an advantage in landing the trophy fish.  I might even be willing to share a spot or two with you.
So, gear up, grab your fishing rods, and get ready for an exciting adventure during Red Snapper Season. Just remember to follow the regulations, prioritize safety, and enjoy the thrill of angling in the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Coast.

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Ted Nugent Live at Peabody Auditorium: A Night of Rock and Roll

Calling all rock and roll fans! Clear your schedules because something epic is going down at the Peabody Auditorium on July 15th. None other than the legendary Ted Nugent is hitting the stage, ready to deliver an unforgettable performance. With his iconic tunes like “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Stranglehold,” Nugent has been rocking it for ages, and his concerts are known for their high energy and his mind-blowing guitar skills.

The concert kicks off at 8:00 pm, promising a night filled with electrifying music and an atmosphere charged with rock and roll energy. If you’re a fan of Nugent’s music or simply enjoy live performances by legendary artists, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Tickets for the concert can be purchased through the Peabody Box Office or online platforms like Ticketmaster, with a range of seating options available at various price points.

Get ready to let loose, sing along to your favorite hits, and experience the thrill of a live rock and roll show. Ted Nugent’s performance at the Peabody Auditorium is guaranteed to leave you exhilarated and craving for more.

Escape to Margaritaville: A Tropical Getaway at Athens Theater

If Ted Nugent’s rock and roll vibes aren’t quite your cup of tea, fear not. Daytona Beach has something different in store for you—a tropical escape at the Athens Theater in DeLand. Prepare to indulge in a delightful musical experience as you watch “Jimmy Buffett’s Escape to Margaritaville.”

The plot revolves around a part-time bartender and singer who falls in love with a career-driven tourist, creating a heartwarming and lighthearted storyline. What makes this musical even more special is the inclusion of Jimmy Buffett’s beloved hits like “Son of a Son,” “Volcano,” and “Coconut Telegraph.” The catchy tunes, combined with the lively performances, transport you to an island paradise, where frozen drinks and beach vibes are the order of the day.

The show runs from July 15th through the end of July and into early August, offering multiple opportunities to experience this tropical getaway right here in Central Florida. For pricing and seating options, it’s best to check out the box office of the Athens Theater, where you can secure your tickets and plan your mini vacation to Margaritaville.

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Conclusion: Enjoy the Diverse Range of Events in Daytona Beach this July!

From art walks to fireworks, fishing adventures, concerts, and musicals, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Daytona Beach this July. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a fishing aficionado, a rock and roll fan, or someone looking for a tropical escape, the events happening in the area have got you covered. Make sure to mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and head out to experience the vibrant and exciting atmosphere that Daytona Beach has to offer.

Remember to have fun, stay safe, and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen! July is sure to be a month filled with unforgettable memories and fantastic experiences in the greater Daytona Beach area. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the cultural, artistic, musical, and natural wonders of this beautiful coastal city. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any inquiries regarding the local real estate market, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to assist you.