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Justin and Tiffany Garten | Daytona Beach Realtors
Justin and Tiffany Garten | Daytona Beach Realtors

Your’re probably used to reading mission statements that say how dedicated and efficient Realtors are, and how they will work to get you the best deal or the most money for your home. While that’s all true for us, we feel it’s more important not to list out our skill set for you, but to let you know why we do what we do, right here in the Daytona Beach area!

We fell in love with the Daytona Beach area in 2004 when we arrived here on a whim for vacation, and decided that this is the place we’d like to lay down some roots. We saved, made sacrifices and left all of our friends and family to move to an area where we had no jobs and knew no one.

The road to home ownership was hard for us during the biggest housing bubble we had ever seen at the time as adults, and we made a lot of mistakes along the way. However, we continued to push forward because we knew we wanted to stay in Daytona for the long haul.

Eventually home ownership became a reality for us and we are so proud and thankful. We’ve grown to love this area more and more over the last 16 plus years and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Beaches, beautiful sunrises, boating, fishing, sorkeling and so many more things await you here in the Daytona Beach area!

Our mission and goal is to help every single person who has a dream to move to the greater Daytona Beach area to be able to do that. We understand that the road to home ownership can be rough and confusing, but we will always be here to help make that road a little less bumpy.