Daytona’s Beach Access Explained

a photo of the pier in Daytona Beach
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Welcome to Daytona Beach!  

Daytona, located in Volusia County, Florida, was founded in 1870 and became a city in 1876. In the early 1900’s, Daytona Beach became a top spot for high speed automobile testing, which later evolved in to racing on the beach. The popular restaurant First Turn is located in Ponce Inlet at a spot where the “first turn” was made during races. Racing on the beach continued until the construction of the Daytona International Speedway was completed in 1959, making way for NASCAR to hold the ever popular Daytona 500 each year.  In 1920, Daytona Beach was dubbed the World’s Most Famous Beach and has lived up to it’s name ever since. Hosting several events throughout the year, and serving as a mecca for Spring Break, Daytona Beach is a popular tourist destination that doesn’t disappoint.  Daytona Beach is one of the few locations left in Florida where driving and parking on the beach is still permitted. With mile after mile of wide beaches with hard packed white sand, anyone can enjoy taking a drive and spend the day on the World’s Most Famous Beach.   Daytona Beach offers several different ways for residents and tourists alike to enjoy the beaches. If you’d like to be a part of history and take a drive on the beach, you can access drive on approaches at several different locations. (See map). If you are a Volusia County resident, you may purchase an annual beach pass. The current fee is $25, which gives you access to all of the drive on beach approaches in Volusia County. If you are not a Volusia County resident the current fee for the annual pass is $100 and provides the same access. If you do not wish to purchase an annual pass, there is a current fee of $20 for a day pass for residents and non-residents.  Driving is permitted on the beach from sunrise to sunset November 1st through April 30th and from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm from May 1st through October 31st, tide and weather permitting.  If you want to walk or ride your bike on the beach, this is free of charge and you will have access 24 hours a day, tide and weather permitting.  Once you have successfully driven down to the beach, please know that there are rules that must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. One front window must be rolled down at all times, headlights must be on, the driving speed limit is 10 mph and there is no texting and driving permitted.  You may also park on the beach in the designated parking spots on the West side of the beach. Perpendicular parking is permitted but please watch out for sea turtle nests! You’ll see that they are blocked off with stakes and colored tape. Please do not disturb these nests.  You will also need to pay attention to the tides and ensure that you are making your way off the beach during high tides. You can track the tide times here.     Tide Chart for Daytona Beach. Depending where you are driving on the beach, you may also need four wheel drive. Ormond Beach is known for softer sand where four wheel drive is necessary while Daytona Beach to the South, the sand is packed, so you should be able to drive in any type of vehicle including cars, motorcycles or even RVs. Signage will be posted otherwise.  If you do not want to drive your vehicle on the beach, don’t worry! There are plenty of other ways for you to enjoy the beach. Volusia County has done an excellent job of ensuring that there are plenty of public parking spaces and public parks for the community to utilize.  Just choose a parking spot or a public park and you’ll have free access to the beach by using the walkover ramps that lead down to the beach. Many of the public parks have splash pads, grilling areas shower areas and restrooms. There is no fee to use any of these public spots from Ponce Inlet to Ormond Beach.  You should also be aware that Volusia County does not allow alcohol consumption on the beach. However, there are several different restaurants and hotels that are directly on the beach that welcome beach goers to walk up and enjoy a meal or an alcoholic beverage. Some of our favorites include Perry’s, the Hawaiian Inn, Tradewinds and the Ocean Deck.   There are also several lifeguard stands placed through out the beaches, so if you’d like to be near a life guard while you swim, please make sure you find an area that offers this service. Please also take note of any warnings that may be issued such as rip currents, inclement weather or dangerous marine life such as jelly fish or other hazards. Different flags will be flown to indicate if there are any warnings you should be aware of before venturing on to the beach. (see chart)  If you don’t have beach gear, you can rent chairs, umbrellas, surf boards or boogie boards on the beach as well. If you’d like, you can also bring your fishing gear and catch whiting, pompano, blue fish or maybe something else!   Daytona Beach has so much history and is something that anyone can enjoy, whether it’s a girl’s trip, family vacation or you just wanting a day to yourself to listen to the sounds of sea. We welcome you to come, see and enjoy our beaches here in Volusia County!   If you have any questions about the greater Daytona Beach area, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help you enjoy your time here at the World’s Most Famous Beach!
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